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Yes Mistress. Medical Play.

I provide kinky femdom medical appointments. Your appointment will take place in my fully equipped medial room in Central London. As your medical Mistress I will probe you, examine you, inspect you. You, as my kinky patient will give yourself over to me, as a good submissive slave should. I have electrics, the Venus 2000 Milking Machine, sounds, dildo’s and toys and probes for femdom anal play. Lose yourself in a fetish medical session. Give in to your kinky fetish and femdom medical Mistress desires.


Mistress Domatella. London femdom BDSM medical sessions.

London Medical Mistress.

My London Kings Cross medical room is fully equipped for fetish and kinky medical play sessions. I offer kinky, strict and sensual examinations by either Dr Domatella or nurse Domatella. I will examine you, inspect you, probe you. I will strap you tight into the medical chair while I give you your kinky medical examination. I have sounds, electrics, the Venus2000 milking machine to drain naughty and kinky patients.


Dr. Domatella & my Venus2000 milking machine.

Medical Mistress Domatella.

With slave in bondage tied to the gynaecological chair I snapped on my latex gloves, making it shiver. I then carried out my medical fetish tests. Once I had given it an enema, I probed its bottom, pulled its nipples before using a vicious set of nipple clamps.


Dominatrix Domatella. Best Medical Mistress London.

Mistress Domatella – make me your medical slave.

I have just finished a femdom medical session where my kinky patient was in desperate need of a medical fetish examination with lots of punishment and humiliation. I put it in bondage by tying it to the examination table before tying up its cock and balls with rope and squeezing and slapping the cock and balls hard. Because it was making a noise I put a ball gag in its mouth to shut it up. Once silenced I began the BDSM medical examination. This consisted of anal probing, prostate massage and sounds. The wonderful Venus2000 Milking Machine came out at the end of our femdom medical session to drain the kinky patient of his vital juices.


Mistress Domatella. Best femdom & fetish medical sessions London.

London Medical Fetish Mistress

Mistress Domatella for exceptional medical play, punishment & humiliation. London BDSM & fetish medical Dominatrix. Kings Cross.

This is just some of the equipment in my central London medical room. I have the Venus2000 Milking Machine, sounds, electrics, anal probes and so much more kinky, BDSM & fetish medical equipment.

London Femdom Medical Play.

Strict nurse Domatella or Dr. Domatella specialising in BDSM & kinky medical sessions. I inspect you, examine you, probe you, tie you up and tie you down. Deciding on my mood I may put you in bondage by tying you to the medical chair, or wrap you fully in cling film on the medical table, leaving your totally helpless, out of control but in my control. With you all tied up I will perform my BDSM medical examinations. I specialise in enemas, anal probing, sounds, electrics. Have you ever been milked by the Venus 2o00 milling machine? As the nurse or Dr I like to wear PVC or latex uniforms (with of course fully fashioned seamed stockings) to really get your heart racing. Kinky BDSM medical play is my passion. You will experience a truly wonderful, sexy and kinky fetish experience.


London Femdom BDSM Medical Fetish Mistress. Dominatrix Domatella.