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Mistress Domatella: put me in bondage. Please!

And so I did. I wrapped slave in cling film. This way I could do anything I wanted to it. To stop it thinking its dirty thoughts I put clothes pegs on its cock and balls. With slave in CBT pain I slapped it around and spat on it. After all, this is what a slave deserves – to be humiliated and punished by a strong and dominant London femdom & fetish Mistress.


Mistress Domatella best bondage Dominatrix London.

London Femdom and Male Submission.

I specialise in femdom and male submission dungeon sessions. You crave male medical submission and I am femdom. You want a strict and yet sensual dungeon session. You want a strict dominatrix to hurt you, punish you, tease you, torment you. In my fully equipped dungeon  in central London, Kings Cross, I can put you in bondage, by tying you up, tying you down, hog tying you, tying you to the cross, securing you over the leather whipping bench, or have you hanging in the sling. You will be totally helpless, out of control, but totally in my control. With you all tied up and helpless you will be at my mercy while I perform my BDSM, kinky femdom and fetish dungeon play. I love to tie and tease, spank you and cane you, hurt your nipples and balls. In our femdom and male submission play I love to dress up. I have many PVC, leather and latex outfits (with of course fully fashioned seamed stockings) to really get your heart racing. Kinky femdom BDSM dungeon play is my passion. As a male submissive you will experience a truly wonderful, sexy and kinky fetish experience.


Femdom sessions. Mistress Domatella. Central London Dominatrix

FemDom Dungeon Play

I have just finished a powerful dungeon session with a very obedient submissive. He, of course, was looking for female domination and male submission dungeon play. Therefore we played with  bondage, where I manacled and tied him to the whipping bench, CBT – clothes pegs and weights on his cock & balls – face slapping – leaving him in no doubt as to who was the boss in our session, tie & tease and nipple play with clamps. Slave took the pain and didn’t cry mercy once, even through a hard caning.


Mistress Domatella. FemDom Services London. Kings Cross.